Estimating Tasks and Progress Predictions

Once you've created some tasks in a project, it's a good idea to add an estimate to each task. Doing so, provides several key benefits:

  • DigiSpoke will use task estimates, dependency data, task assignees, and tasks that assignees may be working on at the same time to predict probable start and end dates for each task. These dates are then used to create personalized schedules for all team members, automatically prioritizing their daily workload. If you or the owner of the workspace have subscribed to the DigiSpoke Silver plan, this data will also be used to determine team member availability and time utilization.
  • If your project follows more than one path (ie. parallel work streams), DigiSpoke will be able to compute the critical path for the project.
  • Once a task is unblocked (ie. all dependencies have been completed), DigiSpoke will begin to predict task and project progress based on provided estimates, task assignees and their total workload across all other projects. If a task takes longer to complete than the originally indicated Estimate, DigiSpoke will mark the task as late, show the time overage in red and provide an overage percentage (ie. 125%)

Setting an Estimate

Estimates indicate the level of effort of a particular task, as opposed to calendar days. There are several ways to set an estimate for a specific task. Each involves typing an estimate into the proper field and hitting the Enter key. Estimates should be provided in plain English. Some examples are: 4 days, 1.2 weeks, 5 hours. You may shorten the typed estimate even further. For example, you may type: "4d" to indicate a 4 day estimate. Please ensure to not spell out the numeric portion of an estimate (ie. "Five Days" will not work). To set an estimate:

In Projects Mode

  • Click on the Estimate field in the lower-left hand corner of any task on the Task Graph


  • Click on the Estimate field in the schedule below the Task Graph


  • When viewing the details pane of a particular task, click on the 'Details & Predictions' tab. The Estimate field will show at the top of the pane.
  • Enter the estimate and hit enter.

In Tasks Mode

  • Drag a task to the pin-board to reveal its details pane
  • Click on the 'Details & Predictions' tab. The Estimate field will show at the top of the pane.


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