Why are my tasks or other elements on the screen distorted?

Your browser allows you to zoom any websites or web applications (including DigiSpoke) independently of their functionality.  In some cases, using this feature may skew the formatting of some visual and interface elements in DigiSpoke.  To solve this issue, please reset your browser zoom to 100% or "Actual Size".

Need to see more tasks on the screen? DigiSpoke enables you to zoom the task graph in and out directly.  Give it a try:

  • Make sure that you are in the Projects section of the application.  You can switch to the Projects section by clicking "Projects" at the top of the application, next to the DigiSpoke logo

  • Click the plus (+) or minus (-) signs in the lower right corner of the task graph to zoom in and out, respectively.  Note: when maximum zoom is reached, the corresponding icon will dim letting you know that you've reached a zoom threshold


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