Workspace Owners, Managers, and Contributors

Workspace Owners and Managers can add team members to workspaces as long as the Owner is subscribed to a premium plan.  See more on Managing Team Members in DigiSpoke.

Roles are assigned to team members when they are added to a workspace and can be changed at any time. Here's how each role is different:

  • Owners have full permission to all aspects of a workspace, including changing subscription limits. Anyone can create a new workspace and, in doing so, will become the owner of that workspace.
  • Managers can do everything, except change subscription limits on workspaces that they do not own.
  • Contributors cannot delete projects, tasks and dependencies, change permissions, add or remove users.  Additionally, contributors cannot create new projects, change project start/end dates or start/stop/reset projects.

Roles in Asana Integrated Workspaces. Team members within Asana integrated workspaces are imported as Managers and synched from Asana.  DigiSpoke allows the owner of an Asana integrated workspace to Enable or Disable members in DigiSpoke.  To assign an Asana task in DigiSpoke, the assignee must be added to the appropriate team in Asana and Enabled in DigiSpoke.


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